In spite of the four senses of sight, sound, smell and taste sending generous impulses to the brain and body, main has never been able to resist the temptation of 'touch'. It is the 'fell' that perhaps makes all that difference to any experiences, Whether you touch and fell a flower, or cloth, or water or hill, or stone, or snow, it is that sensation which thought exploratory, is the most satisfying.

There are many clothing unique to India. The most fabulous and gorgeous is the Indian silk. Feel the difference on touching the silk fabric from Mysore, Bangalore, Kanjivaram, Assam and Varanasi. Each has a distinct texture and finish. Move your fingers on the brocade work of Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat, Bengal or the south. Apart from the difference in weaving patterns and designs, the feel of each one is unique as compare to another. Nothing can but surpass the eminence of the human touch.


Perhaps, this quality of the human touch to heal and rejuvenate led to the development of message therapy. Indian tourism has dished out imaginative and 'rooted' to restore the tranquility of a disturbed tension ridden mind and to recharge the human body for better life and work. The Spas in Kerala, mostly Ayurvedic, are most popular and relieve tensed individuals. A line of treatments using clay techniques, message with aromatic oils and daily Yoga classes where one learns yogic posture to mediate and breathe scientifically are a gift of India tourism to other people of this beautiful world. Queens in bygone days bathed in tank of aromatic water and a bevy of maids tended to them to make their skin texture soft, flawless and pleasing. At a Spa you can behave like a queen! Nature has endowed India richly. And richness, apart from being sensed, deserves to be touches too. I can only say- if you touch India, you touch your own self in a way you have never done before.

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