Of all the senses, the sense of taste is experienced internally as opposed to external sensations. It is the food that matter most in any tourist adventure. On food, India has plenty to say on the plethora of culinary traditions.

The north Indian taste has the mighty wazwaan traditions of Kashmir to boast of. Then the delicacies of Awadh-rolled out in detectable kebabs, the tandoori gift of Punjab, the Mughlai spread for the kings of tastes and many other lesser-celebrate but distinguished cuisines. South of the Vindhya maintaining range, the cuisine changes dramatically.

The discernible South Indian cuisine takes over with its Dosas, Vadas, Uppams, Uttapams, Upmas and biryani served in banana leaf, Curd assumes prime importance as a compulsory ' go-along-with' every meal combined with rice as curd rice. The Tamil cuisine made some brave variations and developed the Chettinad and Arcot styles. Of courses the Malabar too developed its own cuisine. Then the most enterprising Keralite, ones who brand their country as -'Goods' own country'. Where quick to roll out their own Kerala Kitchen. However, coconut remains the basis ingredients of all Southern Indian dishes. Its paramount importance is unquestionable.


Hyderabadi cuisine still acts as a bridge between the north and the south. Close to the spice heartland we find it developing a peculiarly 'rich in spices' taste. The Hyderabadi Briyani, of course, is classical dish. Goa has a taste of its own.


Deriving from the Portuguese style, it inherited the Vindaloo, and the Chicken Caffreal tastes. However, the Goan Fish Curry Rice finds no equals to a 'fish and rice meal' in India. Bebinca, the ultimate taste of cake, again has no parallel in the nation.


The Bengali and Assamese base their culinary achievements on fish and only fish. But the Bengal sweet tooth could not be satisfied with just fish. It led to development of mouth-watering sweets like sandesh, rassogulla and cham-cham. The sweets of the north, the laddoo, the barfi, the gulab-jamun, jalebi and imati, all can cause tingling sensations to the taste buds. What the tongue tastes and approves becomes a sweet tradition. And if there be so many of them in India, it sure is a country to be tasted, not hurriedly but leisurely, not once but ever more.

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