The olfactory response enhances the quality of any experiences. It is perhaps the fastest signal going to the brain to accept a smell as favorable and release hormones to heighten the pleasurable experiences. Yes, isn't it strange that something so transitory can trigger a responses so lasting in nature.


To being with there is the Monsoon in India. The rainy season brings in dark and heavy clouds that bless the earth with heavenly showers. The first response of the earth to the rain is of releasing a fragrance so pure and unique, that it cannot be described in the words, the Sondhi Khushboo. The seasonal flowering trees of gulmohar, amaltash, Jacaranda, Kachnar, Champa, Chandni and plants of raat-ki-rani, rajnigandha, varieties of Indian roses, are peculiar to the Indian environment and fill it with scents that can be make a heart throb excitedly or the heartthrob excited! The traditional of gulab-jal and ittar began in India as Kings and Queens expressed a desire dwell more in perfumes made by distilling flower petals. It transformed bathing into rituals and brought it elaborate flower decorations at ceremonious occasions.


South India is rich in spices and that is what adds flavor to your meals. Should you get an opportunity to visit a spice garden in Kerala, fill up your nose and mind with the strong smell of cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, black pepper and a host of other spices, one by one. Realize the differences each can make separately to food.


Realizing the potential of distinctive fragrances to generate an electric impulse in the mind and thereby create a benevolent effect upon the human body, aromas were caged in bottles by enthusiastic herbalists. The success of the Shehnaaz Hussain tradition of beauty owes a lot to olfactory sensations. The caging of pheromones in bottles, to be released when the night is young, and the mood is right, is sure approach to enhance personal pleasure. Such is the power of the sense of smell. You do not have to necessarily 'go for it'. The fragrance will travel

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