Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour

Rajasthan is the desert state of India. The Thar Desert of Rajasthan stretches from Jaisalmer to Bikaner and Jodhpur. Rajasthan attracts adventurous tourists to explore rural desert Rajasthan. Most of desert camel safaris in Thar Desert of Rajasthan originate from Jaisalmer. Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour (05 Days) is the most preferred desert camel safari, designed and executed by India Tour Packages. Along with exotic and adventurous feel, the camel safari in Rajasthan desert will unfold before you real rural lifestyle in desert villages. Various villages, inhabited prominently by different castes and hence practicing disparate ethos, will introduce you with truly incredible Rajasthan, India. The camps in the desert will be of Rajasthani style, equipped with 'charpais' (jute-beds) and illuminated by oil lamps.

Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour Duration: 04 Nights/ 05 Days
Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour Destinations Jaisalmer- Jairat village – Ashaycha village - Mulana sand dunes- Nedan village - Sakda/Snavda village - Jumme Khan ki Dhani- Chacha Odhaniya village - Ramdevra village.


The Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour will commence in the morning from Jaisalmer. The camel safari will have its first stop near Jairat village to have lunch. Jairat village is prominently inhabited by the Rajput, belonging to Kshatriya caste. The Rajputs are warriors and sacrifice their lives fighting for broader societal and national cause. View yourself their way of life.

After having lunch in Rajasthan desert, move on for next destination – Ashaycha village. The population of Ashaycha village is composed of many castes. Have dinner and night-stay near Ashaycha village.

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As the daily life starts early morning in normal Indian villages, your morning will unfold several exotic experiences related to villagers. Have breakfast and proceed on your camel safari in Thar Desert of Rajasthan. The lunch will be served in the basin of dry river Gogali. Golden sand and rugged environment evokes eerily odd charm.

After having lunch and a bit of rest, move on for next destination- Mulana sand dunes, where dinner and overnight stay is scheduled.

Have breakfast early in the morning as the sun dawns upon you and move on with India Tour Packages on Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour. The Rajasthan camel safari will enter into Barmer district of Rajasthan and stop near Nedan village for lunch. Nedan village is known as Meghwalo ki Dhani. Meghwal community is the business class of Rajasthan and Nedan village is mostly inhabited by the Meghwals.

After having lunch and a bit of rest, move on for next destination- Sakda-Snavda village. In the evening reach near Sakda-Snavda village, predominantly inhabited by the people belonging to musician and Rajput castes. Have dinner and overnight stay amidst the sand near Sakda-Snavda village.

Have delicious breakfast in desert of Rajasthan and begin the next leg of Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour. The next halt is planned near Jumme Khan ki Dhani village. This village is Muslim dominated and hence different aspects of social life will be clearly visible.

Enjoying lunch near Jumme Khan ki Dhani and relaxing a bit, proceed on camel safari for next destination in the heart of the desert of Rajasthan. On reaching near Chacha-Odhaniya village, stop for dinner and night stay. Chacha-Odhaniya village is prominently inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins. Brahmins play utmost important role in propagating, preserving and disseminating eternal Hindu values, culture and tradition.

Have dinner in the desert area and sleep in starry night in desert camp.

After breakfast, start camel safari and end the Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour near Ramdevra village. From there, you will be picked up by car and driven to Bikaner.

NoteWhat to bring with you on Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour !
Camel safari track is desert, semi-desert and rocky. A hat, cap or turban.
Accommodation is provided in safari tents- a shelter rather than a luxury. Sunscreen and sunglasses.
Accommodation is provided in safari tents- a shelter rather than a luxury.Long-sleeved shirt, long trousers, sneakers or other type of solid shoes. Remember, the sun is fierce!
Personal drinks will not be included. Camera..
Camel safari is counted on day basis. Toilet paper with matches/lighter to burn it.
During camel safari, visit living villages in desert, semi-desert & rocky land.Diary, pen, book, cards or other games.
Medical kit (for just in case).
Empty water bottle.
In the winter season warm clothes for the night.
For women, a sports bra is recommended.

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