Kachchh Mahotsava (Kachchh, Gujarat): This fascinating tour has been called a 'great festival' because of the great variety of rare sights and scenes that it offers.

Dangs Darbar (The Dangs, Gujarat ) & Khajuraho Dance Festival (Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh): A week- long festival of classical dances against the backdrop of the Khajuraho temples.

Shivratri Natyanjali Festival(Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu): A five-day classical dance and musical festival at the 1000- year old Nataraja Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva (as the celestial Lord of Dance).

Holi (All over North India): The exuberant festival of colours during spring. It heralds the end of winter and beginning of spring. People greet each other with colour powder which is smeared on your face, hands and whichever part of the body is exposed.

Rang Gulal Festival (Mathura, U.P): A fiesta of colour and gaiety in Brajbhoomi, Lord Krishna's mystical homeland.

Elephant Festival (Jaipur, Rajasthan): Elephant races, elephant polo and elephant tug-of-war (between animal and man,)!

Hoysala Mahotsava (Belur- Halebid, Karnataka): Another dance festival, at the splendid Hoysala temples in south Karnataka.

Ellora Festival (Aurangabad, Maharashtra): Classical dance and music at the rock cut caves at Ellora.

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