Night Life In Delhi

Five star hotels transform from bars to nightclubs as the evening unfolds, often with live bands. Some have specific themes along with the music, such as Egyptian. There are come- alive mannequins of Marilyn Monroe at one hotel. Bars that have a pool table or a mixture of hi-tech gizmos are always favourites. There are places where you can join the nouveaux riches, take in an afternoon jam session, or soak up the sounds and sights of an Irish pub and sample its grand collection of single malts, Guinness and Kilkenny.

For a change from the techno-savvy discos, there are old-world watering holes with a bric-a brac and private hideaways. Other joints offer a dash of Bhangra (rhythmic Punjabi music) and filmi (Indian movie music) along with golden oldies, or pick up on retro '70s and '80s Bollywood tunes. And for those who prefer the aroma of brewing coffee, paintings on walls, objects d'art on shelves, that's cool too. There is no end to the variety.

The Art Of Rhythm: Bharatnatyam meets Ballet in today's dynamic performing arts scene, with renditions of swan lake taking on an entirely different flavor when blended with a dash of traditional Indian dance and a pinch of sitar. Delivering hit-and-miss results, Delhi's innovative fusion (some say con fusion) may not rock everyone's world but it certainly fires the imagination and gets a resounding round of applause for originality.

Those more inclined to classical music and dance will find no dearth of venues, with the capital city attracting artists from around India. There are two main styles of traditional dance: classical and folk. Classical includes Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali and Odissi, while folk ranges from the high-spirited Bhangra of Punjab to the graceful fishers' dance of Orissa. Classical music falls into two major forms: Hindustani (characteristic of North India) and Carnatic (characteristic of South India), with a potpourri of regional variations within these.

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