Mussaman Burj Red Fort Delhi

Protruding eastward from Khas Mahal is the Mussaman Burj, an octagonal tower surmounted by an open gazebo, from where held below on a narrow strip of land between the fort's walls and the river. The River Yamuna's course has since moved further east. A riverside location was essential for these so that the animals could be cooled down after their exertions. On this gazebo each day, at sunrise, the emperor made a public appearance, in order to prove to his subjects that he was alive, a ritual known as Jharoka-I - Darshan, intended to prevent subversion.

It must be presumed that the emperor retired early, as it is recorded that the royal musicians played in the gazebo when the morning star appeared, heralding the first calls of the muezzins from the city mosques (hence the name Mussaman Burj). On the north side the Khas Mahal, three rooms were set aside for private prayer. Above an intricate screen, a carved alabaster panel depicts the scales of justice, proclaiming that Mughal rule was fair.

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