Monuments Of Delhi

The old empires didn't tend to conform to natural boundaries or use present-day frontiers, and the limits of the Delhi-centred empires waxed and waned with the power of the ruler. However, all of the former cities contributed to a surviving and captivating legacy of culture and richness, despite frequent invasion and destruction by Central Asian and Persian rulers, and British colonialization.ny.

The legacy can seen be in places like the extra-ordinary Qutub Minar complex, with its Iron Pillar of Mehrauli's Chandra. This pillar has not rusted over the centuries, an amazing metallurgical feat. Then there is the Tomb of the Mughal emperor Humayun, a grand structure built in red sandstone bordered with white and black marble. And the contribution of past empires is acknowledged in structures like the India Gate, at the centre of New Delhi, rising from a large expanse of lush green lawns where people picnic or sit in the lit areas on summer evenings.

Today, one of the most endearing aspects of the city's sacred sites is that the majority warmly welcome adherents of all faiths- something that has played a key role in fostering tolerance and harmony in this religiously diverse metropolis.

The monuments of Delhi bring forth you thousands of years of architectural evolution and lineage. There are numerous monuments in Delhi. The most visited monuments of Delhi are as under ...

Red Fort Jama Masjid Chandni Chowk Qutub Minar Purana Qila-Old Fort Firoz Shah Kotla Memorials of Leaders Ashoka Pillar Humayun's Tomb Digambar Jain Temple Sisganj Gurudwara Sunehri Masjid Salimgarh Fort

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