Delhi-Socio Religious Texture

The Indian capital is a miscellany of ethnic groups and religions. With Hindus accounting for the largest chunk of the population pie by far. There is a sizeable community of Sikhs and Muslims and also expatriates, as Delhi is the base for numerous foreign diplomatic missions. Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English are the most widely spoken languages. With its Hindu majority, the caste system is still evident in Delhi- although it's not as prevalent as in rural India.

Religion and family lie at the core of society and despite the growing number of nuclear families, the extended family remains a cornerstone in Delhi. Men, usually the breadwinners, are also generally considered the head of the household. Most Delhites marry in their twenties and while the past decade has seen a climbing number of 'love marriages', arranged marriages are still the norm.

Delhi loves to celebrate. Go wild at a thumping nightclub where sons and daughters of the elite come out to play. Witness a festival, always celebrated with intense passion and devotion, an exhilarating mix of spirituality, colour and noise. Accept a box of 'mithais', Indian sweets that come in a fantastical array of shapes, textures and colours. These rich, sugary sweets are given away at the Diwali festival.

Delhi is not a place you merely 'see': Delhi is an all enveloping sensory roller-coaster ride that will leave you bamboozled, ecstatic, bemused and inspired all at once. With one foot grounded in venerated traditions and another passionately bounding into the e-age, Delhi straddles the old and the new with gritty gumption, a dexterous balancing act which has not by any means been achieved in the wink of an eye.

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