Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

When the British shifted the capital of colonial India from Kolkata to Delhi, they built several government buildings and Christian religious centres. Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is one of them. Presently it is on the north side of Head Postal office. Nearby is Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and about a kilometer away Connaught Place. To the British tourists it is a piece of attraction, reminiscent of bygone era. As a result, this cathedral figures into the tourist destinations of Delhi tourism.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, like the Anglican Cathedral, is the work of Henry Medd but this architectural behemoth is much more flamboyant. Built in baroque style in 1934, the russet and ochre colour scheme, a compliment to Hindu taste, is also reminiscent of Seville. Internally, all is surprisingly restrained, with fan decoration to the aisle's columns and a 'Last Suppper' painting in the sanctuary providing the few point of particular interest.

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