Flanked on three sides by China, Myanmar and Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh is India's most far-flung state, a wild and exotic region in the country's North-east. The state beckons visitors to came and experience the grandeur of its monuments, adventure in its roaring river and mingle with the fascinating tribes that call it home. Arunachal's landscape is largely mountainous, punctuated by pretty river valleys. The grandest of the river is Siang, called Tsangpo is Tibet, later becoming the mighty Brahmaputra in Assam. There's mauch else besides: monasteries, sacred lakes, archaeological sites of great antiquity and colourful festivals.

Itanagar, the state capital, derives its name from Its Fort, an ancient brick fort situated here. The capital is noted as an archeological site and for its Gekar Sinyi (Ganga Lake).


Arunachal boasts ancient monasteries, chortles some notable excavations. Surrounded by clouds atop a hill, the legendary Tawang Monastery is the centre point of the spirituals life of the Gelugpa Buddhists. Built on a jutting spur overlooking the wide Tawang valley, the seventh-century monastery is situated at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Its three-storied assembly hall houses a twenty-eight foot high Golden Buddha.

For the Hindus, there's Malinithan, which has ruins and relic of stone temple believed to be associated with the legend of lord Krishna. And on Makar Sankranti day every year thousands and thousands of pilgrims throng to the mountain lake of Parasuramkund in Arunachal, which has deep mythological connotations. This annual migrations is in itself a thing to see.

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A climate varying from tropical to temperature and alpine has made Arunachal a bio-diversity hotspot. Four of the great cats range through its forests-tiger, leopards, clouded leopard and the rare snow leopard. Not to mentions rare felines like the golden and marbled cats, and over 500 avian species. Arunachal's Namdapha National Park, uniquely, is in altitude from 200 metres to 4500 metres. One of Asia's largest orchidariums is at Tipi in Arunachal.


Where there are hills, adventure is sure to follow. Arunachal, especially the region between Bomdila and Tawang, is a paradise for trekkers and mountaineers. Magnificent passes and peaks, river and waterfalls, hot springs and lake, this place have it all.

Arunachal's rivers, river in Mahseer, are particularly attractive to anglers. River rafting on the Siang among river dolphins and a medley of water birds can be an uplifting experience.

A soon-to-be set up Aero sports Institute in Arunachal will provide facilities for para-gliding, hang-gliding, ballooning, micro light flying, etc all under one roof.


[a] Tezpur-Bhalukpong-Bomdila-Tawang :- Beginning at Tezpur in Assam, this is a spectacularly scenic route to Tawang Monastery. The famous tipi Orchidarium is only five kilometers from Bhalukpong on this circuit. Visitor also pass the orchid sanctuary at Sessa.

Bomdila, at 8500 feet, is a tribal heartland. Thing to see here include the craft centre, Ethnographic Museum and Buddhist monasteries. On the route falls Sela, at 14,000 feet, the world's second highest pass. A crystal-blue, high-altitude lake-Lake Paradise-adorns this pass.

[b] Itangar-ziro-Daporijo-Along-Pasighat :- Ziro is a beautiful town on a 5,000 foot high plateau. Thirty kilometers from Ziro line Taley Valley.

Near Daporijo, the Subansiri river is great for rafting. Along is a place for trekkers. Pasighat, on the bank of the Siang, is home to the Dr. D. Ering Wildlife sanctuary.

[c] Tinsukia-Teza-Hayulyang :- The hily lake of Parasuramkund is approached from Tezu. Nearby, Walong has a war memorial to Indian soldiers killed here during the Chinese aggressions. Dong valley is where the first sunrise in India is witnessed. Dong village, which you can visit, is the easternmost inhabited place in India, an eight-kilometer trek from Walong.

Entry Formalities :- Owing to its strategic location, foreigners need a restricted area permitted to visit Arunachal (even Indians required a permit). This can be easily obtained from all Indian missions abroad, and in Indian from the FRROs or the Home Commissioner, Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

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