October to May is the right time to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago, the group of 572 islands and islets east of the Indian mainland in the Bay of Bengal that take the tourism into Mother Nature's own unspoiled and serene world.

This Union Territory stretches more than 700 kilometres from the north to the south and has just thirty-six inhabited islands. The enchanting beaches and creeks, the hilly topography, the tropical rain forest with rice flora and fauna, brilliant underwater coral and breathtaking marine life all go to make these emerald isles the dream tourist destinations.


This destination is ideal for the nature lover is borne out by the statistic that 92 per cent of the area is still under forest cover. The luxuriant mangroves here are perhaps the richest in the world. These islands have some 110 spices of wild orchids. Bird watching, turtle nesting, coral formations and marine life, are all unique in this as yet largely uninhabited group of islands.

The Ross Island houses the infamous cellular Jail, where India's freedom fighters were packed off to the Kala Paani incarceration in solitary confinement during the British Colonial rule.

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Detail Itinerary :- The Mahatama Gandhi Marine National Park at the Wandoor, Jolly Buoy and Redskine Islands offers unspoiled beaches as well as scuba diving, snorkeling and coral viewing for the enthusiasts. At Cinque Island, once can see the explore a bit to see brilliant-hued coral formations.

The Chidiyu Tapu offers a great view of the setting Sun and birdwatching during the day. It is a picnic spot with a sand beach. Mount Harriet is the highest peak in the South Andamans where one cn trek throught a nature trail. At Madhuban, the tourist can trek as well as enjoy elephant lumbering. At Neil Island, one can see a natural bridge formations. Between December and February, turtle nesting takes place at Rangat, which also has a trekking route to Panchavati Hill. At Diglipur, once can see the mud volcanoes while the Little Andaman Island is known for the Butler Bay beach and the waterfall at Hut Bay.


Reasonable priced conducted tours are available for the places of tourist interest, by boat and by road, run by the government's Directorate of Tourism. And, the Directorate of shipping Services runs boats, air-conditioned and non air-conditioned, to the Ross and the Viper Islands housing the infamous jails. Once can ever hire a two-wheeler and take in the sights at one's own pace, or use the bust services. The weather is generally pleasant with the mean minimum and maximum temperatures ranging from 23 degrees Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. Through somewhat humid, a gentle breeze blow all the time.

Chennai and Kolkata are connected by daily flights to centrally located Port Blair, from where one can make foray a right to the Indira Point on the Great Nicobar in the South. Ships for Chennai and Kolkata are also available four times a month and for Vishakhapatnam once a month with the fare being 1000 rupees for an ordinary bunk and four times that for deluxe cabin.

Foreign tourist can easily get the permit to visit this island, for one month extendable by a fortnight upon arrival at Port Blair, or from Indian mission overseas, or from the foreign Registration Offices/immigration authorities at the Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai airport.

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