No experience can be considered total unless the five senses of the human body are satiated. Each is perhaps a satyr dwelling within us that demands gratification on the altar of perception. A strange interplay generated by sensory perception keeps our mind busy in a cosmic evolution of thoughts and processes. When the mind "sees" it directs the body to behave or act in a particular manner. It also keeps storing experiences in the memory bank classifying them as happy or sad or bitter. The senses play a dominant role in our lives. So, visit India and discover the all persuasive consciousness opened by your own senses like never before.

There is a divinity in the sights and sounds of India. There is an ethereal quality in the fragrance of India. There is an earthly candidness in the taste and touch of India. Yet, all these combine to lead one who is just "matter" towards a superior consciousness that we define as spirituality. This distinguishes Indian Tourism from the rest.

An experience in India elevates the mind, uplifts the mood and opens the "third eye" to perceive all that is hidden from the ordinary view. The Panchendriyas (five senses) represent the Panchmahabhutas (five elements)- Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth of which all living bodies are composed, as per beliefs recorded in the Vedas in 5000 BC. This science of life also aims to keep a human being in a state of equilibrium. Any imbalance can upset the cart of life. Such is the paramount importance of keeping the five senses in good humour.

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